Caregiver Jobs

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  • Do you want to make a real difference in the lives of clients as a caregiver?
  • Do you want to help clients live in Comfort, Security, and Dignity by helping them to remain at home instead of being uprooted to move to unfamiliar surroundings in a nursing home or an assisted living facility?
  • Do you believe, as we do, that clients can enjoy “assisted living in their own homes” by enjoying your expert care?

Our Caregiver jobs provide opportunities to work with clients as a home care aide or caregiver. The wonderful professionals who perform caregiving jobs with our company love the work, the hours and the pay. Most of all, they love working for a company that cares about Caregiver job satisfaction and career objectives, and that’s what they find here are our company!

We offer Caregiver jobs that provide:

  • Support from managers available by phone at all times, 24 x 7.
  • Competitive Pay
  • Flexible Schedules


  • Assist with activities of daily living including assisting residents with taking their centrally stored medications. Following facility protocol, licensing regulation and guidelines for both resident and employee safety.
  • Follow safety guidelines in the facility , including proper lifting technique and universal precautions when providing care to the residents .
  • Follow the schedule of duties for the caregiver , as well as the individual plan of care for each resident including scheduled activities.
  • Function as a team , assisting co-workers as the need arises.
  • Monitor resident activity , food intake ,functional status , psychosocial status , taking action as requires to promote resident well-being.
  • Report status change immediately to the supervisor.
  • Act immediately on any resident crisis , following protocol and basic first aid training
  • In the event all assigned duties cannot be completed , ask for assistance and report to the Administrator.
  • Any other assignments made by your direct supervisor or administrator.
  • Prepare meal for the residents
  • Promote open Communications between health care professionals, families, residents and staff. Do all laundry and housekeeping services for the residents and the facility that is required .

You must be:

  • Physically able to safely perform all home care tasks (so that you can safely assist our clients with transferring)
  • Able to read and write English and able to speak English (so that our clients and staff can safely work with you)
  • Able to pass a TB test (to protect our clients’ health)
  • Able to pass a very thorough criminal background check(for the safety of our clients)
  • Legally authorized to work in the United States (so that we can obey the law)
  • Able to work at least twenty hours each week
  • Passionate about taking care of clients and helping them Live Independently with Comfort, Safety and Dignity in the Security of Their Own Homes.

This is not just a “job”… it is a calling!

Click here to apply to work as a Caregiver.

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